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Messy's Art

★This is where I post sketches, concepts, ideas, and my other art.

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i am alaughing so hard look at that boy booty! Anyways this is Ellis, my cute shota doggie boy who works at his uncles cafe’ and he absolutely loves making pastries but more then that he loves his fashion designing, sweet loving bf Charles who belongs to danpee (i finally drew him, are you proud of me senpai). can dogs even have freckles? 


didn’t quite turn out how i planed but w/e just wanted to draw messy ; ل͜ ;

aggressively cries over my art, sorry for not posting, I’ve been in a rut and don’t really like what I draw. anyway, this is a personal character and spent a good while on this though the anatomy,proportions aren’t that great, forgive me ;m;

inspired by the works of JC Leyendecker 

I miss winter a lot, here in Arizona its become very hot and i don’t like it ymy

A small gift for snappy! ugh im such a sucker for pokesonas 

A small gift for snappy! ugh im such a sucker for pokesonas 


fallen warrior

just when i was looking at this blog and hoping for more arts, or pondering over making gift art for you ;-; wowee.

I have recently been slowing down in the art department, my motivation is low, forgive me! ;M; its a secret connection i have with people that i know when art is needed of me, its a blessing   

Something fun to do uvu

Messy (c) Myself 
original template can be found here: http://notsofluent.deviantart.com/art/Pixiv-Expression-Meme-English-127937964


my ocs taking a bath

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