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Messy's Art (*´∀`*)

Messy's Art (*´∀`*)

★This is where I post sketches, concepts, ideas, and my other art.

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art! its been a while though all I have are WIP at the moment, click for captions. time for bed ‘cause im in a sad moods and its late hah


Gaao I’m really excited lfdgkjdfg tomorrow I get to go to arizona to meet one of my best online friends cotton vuv and this other person who I really wanna meet but I doubt it will happen hnng vnv dummy dumb head making things hard

b-b-b-but I’m alittle nervous cuz I hate air ports and planes and just guh

;n; when I get back hopefully I have alooot of stuff to upload since I’m gonna be drawing alot with cotton but idk we’ll see cuz i’m a lazy dumb 

thats me, she’s gonna come see me!!  we’re gonna have a hella dope time and go to the beach and stuff, really exited! Also gonna draw lots (hopefully) and will have art to upload ;<;  im gonna force you to draw even when you don’t wanna  

Feeling pretty chill and in a good mood lately, its really nice uwuHad to crop this because the full image looked pretty ew so its probably really small ;/;

Feeling pretty chill and in a good mood lately, its really nice uwu
Had to crop this because the full image looked pretty ew so its probably really small ;/;

sometimes drawing my characters sad makes me sad ahaHHh, but I continue to do it anyway. Marya and her demon form, probably dead. a quick sketchy thing i did earlier, nothing impressive or special ahha @<@

Marya belongs to me; be kind

Marya, named after the 3rd goddess, Marya of Forms. She is a shape shifting witch who spends time curing to nature and lives deep in the Forr Forest where no one is ever to enter. If people do enter she eats them as it is taught to respect all of nature and those born to it. Other times she just eats plants, fruits, berries, and sometimes flowers.  

Form #1; her purest form. No one has ever seen it and information is unknown.

Form #2; a demonic like form. She has no control over this form and although she is female, this form holds no gender. The people call it Bekros (beck-cross) and it brings great destruction since it is made of pure hate and rage. 
other then those forms, her most common are a fox, raven or crow, and sometimes a snake to spy. if you are curious about anything else about her, send an ask

Marya belong to me; be kind

sad dog boo hoo 

why isn’t me you love?

guys im really surprised we didn’t all die on friday


(i feel like im writing these type of post a lot uhhg) sorry for no art and stuff, i’ve been feeling melancholy a lot recently and haven’t been doing much, just lying around watching whatever is on tv, but i’ve been feeling better and getting some drawing done (slowly but surely)! also apologies to people i talk to, i know i haven’t been on in a long time, please forgive me, I really haven’t forgot about you! 

Your friendly neighborhood asexual werewolf!

This is my new persona, a wolf head creature (also like one of my characters long ago). I will like to make a ref or something of her soon!  

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